Finetune-Pegs by Wittner

I´m so happy to share my wonderful experience with Finetune-Pegs by Wittner. Perfect system of tunning pegs can avoid all kinds of problems with slipping and sticking pegs! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Wittner for such a genious product for string players!

Kristina Fialová

"…Kristina Fialová has a velvety tone, perfect for the works’ lyricism…"


"…Kristina Fialová’s refined taste matches up with her interpretive approach to the compositions selected and gives her temperament, natural virtuosity and emotionally engaged tone of her instrument an opportunity to shine…"

MusicWeb International

"…Kristina Fialová is universally acclaimed for her expressive and lively interpretation, brilliantly cultivated tone, and coherent general conception. Her flawless technique and immense musicality did not take long to manifest themselves…"