Kristina Fialová

Management for Czech republic
Arco Diva Management s.r.o.
Jaromírova 48
120 00, Praha 2

PhDr. Jiří Štilec

Eliška Pražáková
+420 777 687 797

International management
ARS/KONCERT, spol. s.r.o.

Dr. Hana Svobodová
+420 602 763 905




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"…the ’tendernessful’ (if such a word may be allowed to exist) beauty of the viola sound, resourceful agogics and inexhaustible variations in both dynamics and tempo gave Hindemith’s music a whole new dimension, most attractive to the ear…"

Hudební Rozhledy 6/2016

"…Kristina Fialová’s refined taste matches up with her interpretive approach to the compositions selected and gives her temperament, natural virtuosity and emotionally engaged tone of her instrument an opportunity to shine…"

Harmonie 10/2015

"…after that, the reigning queen of Czech viola came to the stage and performed an Ostrava resurrection of one of the greatest cinematographic composers of all times…"

Ostravan 3/2015