Lady Viola (2021)

Lillian Fuchs – Sonata Pastorale for Viola Solo

Sylvie Bodorová – Gila Rome. Meditation for Viola Solo

Rebecca Clarke – Passacaglia on an Old English Tune for Viola and Piano

Rebecca Clarke – Morpheus for Viola and Piano

Grazyna Bacewicz – Polish Capriccio for Viola Solo

Rebecca Clarke – Prelude, Allegro and Pastorale for Viola and Clarinet

Sláva Vorlová – Fantasy on a 15th Century Czech Folk Song, Op. 33 for Viola Solo*

Bonus track – Maria Theresia von Paradis – Sicilienne for Viola and Piano

*World Premiere Recording


Kristina Fialová – viola

Jitka Čechová – piano

Anna Paulová – clarinet




...Kristina Fialová is as able an exponent of its fantasia-like elements as she is of its Shostakovich-haunted paragraphs…
...The programming and the performances are excellent throughout,this is a disc well worth hearing...
Musicweb International 8/2021
…her fine viola Carlo Antonio Testore 1745 is a wonderful instrument, but it is well known that such wonders depend just as much on who plays. In her enchanting way, Kristina Fialová has confirmed that for the time being, her eminent position as the First Lady of Czech Viola remains unchallenged…
The Recording of the Day, Czech Radio Vltava
...This is one of the best solo instrumental albums of the year and deserves a wide audience beyond fanciers of viola music. As I said at the outset, it is both eye-opening and entertaining...
...Fialová has a big tone, a singing legato, and bold technical prowess. Any potential for tameness on the viola’s part is overcome by her star presence...
Fanfare magazine 10/2021 (Huntley Dent)
...Of the eight pieces in total, several are for viola solo, which gives the listener an ample opportunity to enjoy her sonorous, one is almost tempted to say, juicy sound for almost a whole hour. It becomes easy to understand the music lovers who have a special predilection for viola...
Kristeligt Dagblad Copenhagen 9/2021
...Bodorová writes a rustic dance that allows Fialová’s virtuosity to shine...
...Violist Fialová gives an ear-pleasing, sentimental rendition...
...Fialová and pianist Jitka Čechová play it with finesse. One might wish that the piece were longer...
Fanfare magazine 10/2021 (Maria Nockin)
...Lady Viola succeeds on all levels...
...What makes this an exciting release for me is that Fialová does without compromise. The viola is as expressive an instrument as the violin. The compositions are inventive and well-crafted. And the performances are committed and engaging. These are all first-rate artists...
Ralph Graves, WTJU University of Virginia 11/2021

"…Liebhaber des dunkel samtigen Klanges der Bratsche kommen mit dieser Produktion der tschechischen Violakönigin Kristina Fialová voll auf ihre Kosten…"


"…Fialová und Ardašev zelebrieren dieses Idiom mit höchster Leidenschaft und bemerkenswerter Energie. Das Ergebnis ist eine wirklich mitreißende CD, die den Hörer in eine Welt entführt, die ihm bisher kaum oder gar nicht bekannt gewesen sein dürfte…"

Rondo magazine

"…Harold in Italien von Hector Berlioz wurde untypisch zum Einstieg gespielt. Im Viola-Part glänzte Kristina Fialová, hervorragende junge Solistin, die die traumhafte Atmosphäre mit vollem Klang und absoluter Harmonie und Disziplin ohne jegliches Zögern, Beben oder Ausschweifungen gestaltete."

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