New review of the CD “Martinů/Hindemith – Works for Viola”

New review of the CD “Martinů/Hindemith – Works for Viola” on the Musicweb International.

…The excellent Czech player Kristina Fialová plays it with acumen and intelligence, not least in the second movement’s theme and variations, which is wittily and athletically pointed, and in the deft dynamics of the finale…

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New CD “Martinů/Hindemith – Works for viola”

New CD “Martinů/Hindemith – Works for viola” is released by Sound Trust label. CD includes two Sonatas for viola and piano, Rhapsody Concerto and Trauermusik for viola and orchestra. Kristina Fialová recorded her beloved pieces with pianist Martin Levický, conductor Tomáš Brauner and Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

Finetune-Pegs by Wittner

I´m so happy to share my wonderful experience with Finetune-Pegs by Wittner. Perfect system of tunning pegs can avoid all kinds of problems with slipping and sticking pegs! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Wittner for such a genious product for string players!

Kristina Fialová

Czech Premiere of Krzystof Penderecki’s Concerto Doppio at the Leoš Janáček International Music Festival

On the Sunday evening of June 10, 2018, the Leoš Janáček International Music Festival
treated its audience to quite an exceptional event. The place was the City of Ostrava Palace of
Culture, and the program featured Krzystof Penderecki, nowadays one of the world’s finest
composers and a veritable living legend of Polish music. His Double concert for violin, viola,
and orchestra was presented by Ivan Ženatý, Kristina Fialová, and the Janáček Philharmonic,
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The review from Ostrava 23. 9. 2017

… the solo parts were performed by the violist Kristina Fialová and the clarinetist Igor
Františák. The violist Fialová is universally acclaimed for her expressive and lively
interpretation, brilliantly cultivated tone, and coherent general conception. Her flawless
technique and immense musicality did not take long to manifest themselves…

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Interview – Hudební rozhledy 6/2017

No register of the most distinguished young Czech instrumentalist would be complete
without the only 29 years old violist Kristina Fialová. It almost defies belief how much this
ambitious artist has accomplished in her short time. She grew up as a musician at the Brno
Conservatory (Professor Miroslav Kovář) and at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts
(Professor Jan Pěruška), graduating also from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen
(in the class of Tim Frederikson and Lars Anders Tomter) and the Carl Maria von Weber
Hochschule für Musik in Dresden (the class of Professor Vladimír Bukač). She has honed her
mastery with a number of world-famous soloists.
In 2013 Fialová was honored with the First Prize at the Michal Spisak International
Competition in Katowice, Poland, in addition to various laurels from a number of other such
international competitions. While still a student, she already performed at the Tivoli Festival,
foremost in Denmark, accompanied by the Copenhagen Philharmonic; celebrated her debut
at the famous Tonhalle Zurich; and in 2015 appeared at the Prague Spring festival for the
first time, giving a solo recital. Nowadays she collaborates frequently with leading Czech and
international orchestras and conductors, as well as with several outstanding instrumentalists.
Her interpretation was acclaimed by audiences in almost all European countries, as well as
in Russia, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. She gave her master classes in Lima, Copenhagen,
and in China. Her musicianship, applauded in professional reviews, is now captured on eight
CDs published by Supraphon, ArcoDiva, and the Danish label Dacapo. She plays the Italian
viola ‘Carlo Antonio Testore—Contrada 1745’ and has become a Pirastro artist, the only
Czech to have done so.

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"…the ’tendernessful’ (if such a word may be allowed to exist) beauty of the viola sound, resourceful agogics and inexhaustible variations in both dynamics and tempo gave Hindemith’s music a whole new dimension, most attractive to the ear…"

Hudební Rozhledy 6/2016

"…Kristina Fialová’s refined taste matches up with her interpretive approach to the compositions selected and gives her temperament, natural virtuosity and emotionally engaged tone of her instrument an opportunity to shine…"

Harmonie 10/2015

"…after that, the reigning queen of Czech viola came to the stage and performed an Ostrava resurrection of one of the greatest cinematographic composers of all times…"

Ostravan 3/2015